Certifications and Quality approach.

Certifications and Quality approach.

2AI CONCEPT LTD Certifications


Our Trainer Certifications

2AI Concept Ltd trains and certifies employees and independents in the professions of professional trainer and pedagogical project manager.

At 2AI Concept LTD, we ensure a high level of training through our certified trainers. To meet the quality expectations of our clients, we have created four certifications.

Expert Trainer Certified

Professional Reconversion Expert Trainer Certified

Work-Study Expert Trainer Certified

Pedagogic Project Manager Certified


Why Certification?

For Your Internal Employees:

Internal training allows you to organize and deliver training actions to employees by using your company’s own financial and human resources. This provides tailored support and skills development to meet your needs and company culture while significantly reducing your training budget.

If You Are Independent:

Obtaining a trainer certification is a mark of seriousness and quality that will facilitate your professional integration. Certification also equips you with all the necessary pedagogical skills to successfully conduct training activities. Once certified, you will have the opportunity to become a 2AI Concept Ltd trainer to deliver training to our clients.

Our Quality Approach to Training:

At 2AI Concept LTD, our trainers work closely with our pedagogical project managers to prepare and deliver your training to ensure the highest possible quality.

All our trainers are certified. They all have a minimum of 2 years of experience in professional training centers and 5 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.