Rapid Skill Enhancement for Your Developers
Without Removing Them from Their Projects

"Traditional Training for Your Developers: An Expensive and Ineffective Solution."

Removing developers from their projects for training incurs high costs for the company, yielding relatively low skill enhancement due to the short duration of traditional training sessions.

This conventional training solution is not optimal if your company’s goal is to improve the skill level of its development teams while reducing the training budget.

A Coaching Solution Fully Funded by the Project Budget!

Time Savings in Skill Enhancement

Time Savings in Bug Resolution

Time Savings in Unit Testing

Time Savings in Development

Training Workshops at the End of Each Sprint

More Robust Applications

Better Architecture and Best Practices

Lead Developer and Collective Code Reviews

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Customized Support

2AI Concept LTD conducts an audit with your project manager to assess the skill enhancement needs of your developer team.

The duration of our coaching intervention is calculated based on the budget and duration of your project. Following this audit, we ensure that the cost of our intervention is fully funded by the project budget.

Traditional Pre-Project Training
A Costly Solution for the Company

Application Budget Allocation

Additional training costs borne by the company, including 30% from the training budget.

Project Coaching
A Solution Funded by the Project Budget

Répartition du budget d’une application