Our Consultants & specialised team

Our Consultants & specialised team

Career transition pathways.

With over 20 curricula including Java FullStack, FrontEnd, DevOps, .NET C#, or mobile application design, 2AI Concept LTD, with its dedicated team of trainers and pedagogical project managers, ensures quality curricula with monitoring of trainees and trainers that meet the requirements of its clients in professional training centers.

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Preparation for Returning to Employment:

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to their roles, both in professional and educational settings. Many of them have extensive backgrounds as developers, allowing them to provide practical insights and share best practices.

They are committed to performance improvement and also offer coaching services, ensuring a holistic approach to training and development. Explore detailed information on how our inter/intra-company trainings are conducted, the structure of POEC/POEI and PRF programs, and the benefits of alternance education. Additionally, you can learn more about our consultants’ professional and training experiences, their tenure with us, and their unique qualifications.

Alternance Training:

2AI Concept LTD supports your long-term alternance training programs in web development, mobile application development, and DevOps.

Our teams of trainers and pedagogical project managers are specially trained and certified to support your students and prepare them for exams and certification.