Who are we ?

Who are we ?

At 2AI Concept LTD, we specialize in four main activities to meet our clients’ needs in training, coaching, and web application development. Our expertise enables us to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the demands of the current market.

Trainer Delegation

We delegate certified trainers to professional training centers and companies across Europe. All our trainers hold certifications for both inter-company and intra-company training, ensuring a high level of competence and quality. We also have teams of trainers and educational project managers dedicated to professional retraining programs and apprenticeship learning, providing optimal support for learners.

Coaching for Digital Services Companies

We support digital services companies in the execution of their IT projects. Our coaching approach aims to organize the skill enhancement of development teams without placing them in inter-contract periods to train them before projects. This method allows companies to maximize their productivity while developing the skills necessary for the success of their projects.

Trainer Training and Certification

We offer training and certification for trainers, both for freelancers and company employees. For freelancers, we provide the opportunity to be directly referenced with our clients among the most prominent training centers in Europe after their certification. For companies, we provide tailor-made training for their employees as trainers and assist them in creating their internal training academy. This customized service is designed to meet each company’s specific needs, allowing them to reduce their training budget while improving their teams’ skills.

Custom Application Development with Artificial Intelligence

We develop custom web and mobile applications equipped with artificial intelligence for companies looking to enhance their productivity, reduce human errors, decrease the mental load on their employees, and improve their well-being at work. Our innovative technological solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each company, offering efficient and adapted tools.

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At 2AI Concept LTD, our mission is to provide superior quality services that address the current challenges faced by companies and training centers. Through our expertise and commitment, we help our clients achieve their goals and excel in their respective fields.

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